Dinner @ Dishoom, Kings Cross

Dinner @ Dishoom, Kings Cross

I'm sure by now everyone would have heard of Dishoom in London, it's a Bombay style cafe serving Indian style street food located in various locations around London.

I had friends visiting London from America last week, and they were eager to try out the Indian food offered in the UK. Seeing this opportunity, I suggested we try out Dishoom. As you might know, Dishoom unfortunately doesn't take reservations after 6pm, so we decided to try and do a walk in and test our luck. 

We had originally tried to go to the one in Covent Garden the evening before, but the queue was so enormous we decided to go elsewhere. The following day, we decided to try out the one in King's Cross, the queue looked much more manageable, so we decided to stick it out. In hindsight, that was probably the biggest mistake of my life. But, it has to be said that the restaurant did warn us that the wait would be 1 and half hours - 2, but these things are never really that accurate are they?! Apparently I was wrong.

We first had to queue outside the restaurant, where refreshments were continuously offered to us, then we were moved to the bar downstairs where we could order drinks and small nibbles while we waited even longer. The total waiting time for us for a table of four was 2 hours, and this was on a Wednesday! Alas, when it came time to order, we were four very hungry girls.

We started the meal with some vegetable samosas, which came with 3 different kinds of dipping sauce. The samosas were crispy in all the right ways, and not oily. Not particularly out standing in anyway, but they were good samosas.

Thankfully our main course came in a speedy manner. We ordered mattar paneer, chicken ruby, plain naan, a bowl of greens, plain rice, roti, and chicken biriyani. 

My favourites our of all the dishes were the Mattar Paneer, Bowl of greens, and the Naan. The vegetarian curry stood out more than the chicken, which was surprising to me as I'm an avid meat eater. The bowl of greens were ordered as a side to balance out our meal a little, but the grilled broccoli, spinach and snow peas were deliciously scrumptious. The naan itself wasn't mind blowing, but definitely some of the best naans I've had in London. Unfortunately the Chicken Biriyani fell flat for me, I thought the dish was overall too dry and didn't offer much flavour, but my companions all thoroughly enjoyed it.


Really great authentic tasting Indian food, and for the price, this place is definitely a bargain.

The place was overall poorly organised. When we got to the bar, no one took our orders till about 30 mins later, and no one offered us updated in regards to our waiting time. In addition to that, once we sat down at our table, the waitress didn't take our order for another 15 mins which was a bit ridiculous. The upside is definitely that the food in itself once ordered arrived VERY quickly.

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