Dinner @ Iberica, Marylebone

Dinner @ Iberica, Marylebone

Spanish food is one of my favourite type of cuisine, mainly because I love the concept of having small portions of different dishes, allowing me to try everything on the menu... Does that make me greedy?

With that said, whenever you go to a tapas restaurant, it's always best to make sure your companions like to share food equally. Nothing worse than splitting the bill when you've only had 1/4 the portion! Thankfully that scenario didn't happen this evening, my date was more than lovely.

Iberica is a Spanish gastronomy chain in London located in Marylebone, Canary Wharf, and Farringdon. I've been to the restaurant more than a hand full of times, but have only gone back once recently since I've started this blog, so forgive me for the lack of food photos!

We had the Spanish Omelette and Ham croquettes to start, they were both very moorish which was not surprising, as they are some of my go-tos at Iberica. My only complaint is that the ham croquettes definitely don't have enough ham, which seems a bit stingy of the restaurant.

For mains, we got the seafood paella to share, which had to be ordered ahead of time, so the expectations were high. Unfortunately, Iberica fell short in this aspect. The paella didn't have nearly enough seafood; we found maybe only 4 pieces of shrimp within the paella itself, and the rice was a bit too tomato-y for my taste. Of course, I am comparing this to the paellas I had recently in Spain, but for London standards it's passable.

Final Verdict

3.7/5 (for this particular visit, would have been higher if it wasn't for the paella)
Iberica is definitely a place where there are a lot of hit or miss dishes. 

Service is usually at least a 4 at Iberica, but for some reason this time around the waitress was I think a bit distracted. Hope this was just a one time thing, and not a sign Iberica is going down hill!


Dishes I would recommend ordering at Iberica are the asparagus on toast, ham croquettes, Spanish omelette, chicken with rosemary potatoes, twice cooked lamb and the Chuletons.

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