Helene Darroze @ The Connaught: Saturday Brunch

Helene Darroze @ The Connaught: Saturday Brunch

It's taken years of procrastination (and eating) for me to finally start this blog, what better way to introduce "I will be the judge of that" than with a Saturday brunch at Helene Darroze.

Helene Darroze is a 2 Michelin Star restaurant located in the Connaught hotel. On Saturdays, the restaurant offers the ultimate weekend Brunch where starters and desserts offered are buffet style, while the main course is chosen from the menu, all for a fixed price. My boyfriend is a firm lover of hotel buffet breakfasts, so for his birthday, I treated him to the brunch of his dreams.


The starters were definitely my favourite course, even after desserts I wanted to go back for more! The standouts are definitely the lobster quiche, potato salad, salmon terrine and duck rillettes. With that said, I thought the lobster quiche and duck rillettes were both a tad dry, but the punch of flavour it both packed definitely made up for it.


My boyfriend and I both ordered John Dory as our main. The portion size was perfect, and fish was definitely the right choice when you are at an all you can eat brunch, however, the fish itself was rather bland. I would have expected much more from a 2 Michelin Star restaurant, an unfortunate let down.

Cheese Course

The cheese station looked the most impressive at the brunch, my eyes were instantly draw towards the table as soon as we walked in, and that's not just because I'm a huge cheese fan. The restaurant offered mini baguettes, farm bread (that's what they called it), and focaccia to go with the cheese. Upon closer inspection, I was disappointed to find out only 3 types of cheese were offered. Isn't the chef French?! 


I've never really had a sweet tooth, so most of the desserts I tried were a little too sweet for my taste. Although, I did consider going back for seconds for the fresh made waffles served with maple syrup and fresh whipped cream. I'm salivating just thinking about them.

Would definitely like to go back, but my date and I were sadly informed that the Helene Darozze brunch would end starting May... Perhaps we can start a petition?

Service at the Connaught is as you would imagine, a delight. There were however some small details that they could have improved on.

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