Mint scented summer @ La Villa des Orangers, Marrakech

The sweltering 40 degrees heat in the middle of summer spent in Marrakech, Morocco, will be forever embedded into my mind. Fighting to look for shade whilst walking through the streets of Marrakech, and cooling off in the beautiful swimming pool of La Villa des Orangers were just some of the memories I was left with through this travel.

Visiting Marrakech last summer left me with some wonderful memories, the power of scent is so strong, that every time I catch a whiff of mint nowadays, I find the memories of Marrakech rushing back into my mind. Who knew a glass of hot mint tea, was the only thing that could cool you down in that blistering heat?

As I step foot out of the Marrakech airport, the scent of sweat and dust hit me hard in the face. For a moment, I was worried that coming to Marrakech in the middle of July may have been a very big mistake indeed. But as I step foot into La Villa des Orangers,  the hotel I would be spending the next week in, I found the tranquil oasis I had needed to escape the craziness of the streets of Morocco.

La Villa des Orangers is one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever stayed at. What I loved about it the most, is how unsuspecting the hotel is. Hidden just a stone's throw away from the bustling medina, the simple front door of the hotel leads into one of the most stunning courtyard you'll ever encounter. The hotel has only just a few rooms, so booking in advance is required. But because of the boutique style of the hotel, you feel as though you are guests staying at the private quarters within a palace of the Moroccan king.

As you step foot into the spacious rooms at La Villa des Orangers, you certainly feel as though you are a king yourself. 

Our room even had a balcony, where the hotel brought our breakfast to enjoy everyday.

Most of my time was spent relaxing and sipping mint tea next to the stunning pool of the hotel. The service at the hotel was impeccable, my glass of mint tea was never empty, and my needs were constantly tended to, without it being over-bearing. 

But when dipping into the main pool didn't cool me off enough... I would escape to its shadier counterpart, a second pool which was hidden in a separate quarter, situated right below our bedroom.


Everywhere I looked, beauty surrounded the hotel. Even the ceilings at the hotel were a work of art; they were decorated with such intricate details.

When I finally convinced myself to leave the hotel, the scent of mint still followed me...

When I spent my evening at Le Comptoir, my companion and I found ourselves picking mint flavoured shisha to enjoy whilst we watched the bellydancers perform.

As the night grew late, and the belly dancers were replaced by clowns standing on stilts, I found myself needing something a bit stronger than mint tea, and reached for a few glasses of mojitos as I danced the night away...

As much as I would love to rush back to the stunning hotel of La Villa des Orangers, for now, I will settle with reminiscing on the mint scented summer I spent in Marrakech.

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